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8 Octav
8 Octav font by Muhammad Rizky Ariesto

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3 Allamni
3 Allamni font by Mahdi Salah
19th Century Renegade
19th Century Renegade font by Andrew McCluskey
24 Janvier
24 Janvier font by /arnaud/
321 Perfect
321 Perfect font by homebrew
1598 Portable Life
1598 Portable Life font by Levi Fonts
99% HandWritting
99% HandWritting font by Habib Shaikh
8_bit_1_6 font by Zaydek MG
000 Insomniac Comic Dialogue
000 Insomniac Comic Dialogue font by Thomas Smith
3D Thirteen Pixel Fonts
3D Thirteen Pixel Fonts font by Florian Contreras

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