Foreign Look Fonts

If a poster, billboard or image is set in a particular period or region, sometimes you might want to show certain details to the audience through a sign in the design. However, said most of the audience are educated in the English language. So in order to avoid breaking the feel of the setting, the design might just have English text in written in a style emulating the writing style of that region or period. Take a look at the list below and you'll find free foreign look fonts in fake Hebrew, fake Arabic, fake Japanese, fake Greek...

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Zanzabar font by Sharkshock

AC Guanche

AC Guanche font by Adrian Candela

Selamet Lebaran

Selamet Lebaran font by Gartype Studio

Kashima Brush

Kashima Brush font by Abo Daniel

East West Back and Forth

East West Back and Forth font by Mitch Greer


Animoto font by Adam Rucki

Funny Samurai

Funny Samurai font by Edric Studio


Alkhoufi font by Upan Sulfan

Arab Empang

Arab Empang font by Agus Alfian

Jupiter Team

Jupiter Team font by Woodcutter

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