Basic Fonts

Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana, etc. – the names of these default fonts are known to every user of a Windows or Mac computer. These basic fonts offer many advantages, such as wide popularity, cross-platform support, web-safety, etc. However, if you are a creative designer with the keen interest in typography you would definitely prefer to introduce some authenticity and uniqueness even to the simple and basic fonts you use in your designs. offers the best alternatives to free basic fonts, which still feature great clear design and traditional proportions.

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Ruler Volume

Ruler Volume font by Levi Szekeres


Altair font by ZetaFonts

Modern Squared

Modern Squared font by ShouKabir


Plagiata font by Dag@bert

The Next Font

The Next Font font by Pindarots


Aprikas font by Studio Typo


Highjack font by Youssef Habchi


Icebreaker font by James Greenwood

Market Fresh

Market Fresh font by Brittney Murphy Design


Scantype font by Måns Grebäck

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