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A dingbat is an ornament, character or spacer used in typesetting. Dingbat fonts are digital type where each character is a small graphic or icon - picture fonts. Free dingbats can be decorative or functional. These fonts can be used as bullets in a list, as an end sign at the end of a story, as separators, and as accents. Dingbat fonts are like mini-clip art collections.

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Giedi Maximal
Giedi Maximal font by Pixel Sagas
Starz 2
Starz 2 font by imagex
4rrows font by Anna Maria Woźniak
Giedi Golden Disk
Giedi Golden Disk font by Pixel Sagas
Woodcutter Prison Tattoo
Woodcutter Prison Tattoo font by Woodcutter
Larasukma font by Adien Gunarta
NBA West
NBA West font by Ding Bang
NHL West
NHL West font by Ding Bang
Zwerge font by Haldir
NFC font by Ding Bang

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