Dingbats Fonts

A dingbat is an ornament, character or spacer used in typesetting. Dingbat fonts are digital type where each character is a small graphic or icon - picture fonts. Free dingbats can be decorative or functional. These fonts can be used as bullets in a list, as an end sign at the end of a story, as separators, and as accents. Dingbat fonts are like mini-clip art collections.

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Omnic Sans

Omnic Sans font by Aleksandr Savenkov

Linea 1

Linea 1 font by Laurent Badaouy

Fantasmytas St

Fantasmytas St font by Southype

Zombie Salad

Zombie Salad font by Woodcutter

Feminine Hygiene

Feminine Hygiene font by Woodcutter


Tzolkin font by Tomoe Ohashi

Garden Icons

Garden Icons font by Woodcutter


Bomb! font by Woodcutter


Owlmazing font by calej d'art

Female Underwear

Female Underwear font by Woodcutter