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Blacker Sans

Blacker Sans font by ZetaFonts in BasicSans serif

Q for the Memories

Q for the Memories font by Chequered Ink in BasicSans serif

The Bredan Sans

The Bredan Sans font by Candra Hamdani in BasicSans serif


Shooting font by Amar Lettering in BasicSans serif

Virgula Vulgaris

Virgula Vulgaris font by Levi Szekeres in BasicSerif

Concetta Kalvani Serif

Concetta Kalvani Serif font by madeDeduk in BasicSerif


Nazegul font by Fandi Kurniawan in BasicSans serif


Pioggia font by Twicolabs Fontdation in BasicSerif

Ferghaus Sans

Ferghaus Sans font by Twicolabs Fontdation in BasicSans serif


Wizardless font by Fatigo in BasicVarious

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