Show and Tell: A Practical Look at Choosing Type

Robbie Manson opens his portfolio and shows us how he settled on one project's lovably chubby typeface.

Let's look at how that approach plays out using a little logotype project I did at FreeAgent last year called Earnest.

Type Trends: The 'Lock-Up' Type Look

I'm fortunate to be in the field of typography that I love surrounded by colleagues whom I admire. I'm constantly learning from the "shop talk" conversations that happen at type conferences, on Twitter and via e-mail. I met Tiffany Wardle de Sousa at the University of Reading 15 years ago when we were both working toward our masters degrees in typography and graphic communication, and we've remained close ever since. This is the second in a series of conversations about typography in design, where Tiffany and I look at current type trends, and give them a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down.

50 Things They Never Taught You At Design School

This collaborative project between me and London based illustrator chum Tim Miness was originally a commission for Digital Arts magazine. We were asked to produce a piece of typography based around the quote '50 things they never taught you at design school'. The catch was that the work was for a tutorial and had to be created using Photoshop CS6's new 3D tools. It is always great to work for Digital Arts and as much as Photoshops 3D features have improved in CS6 I wasn't completely happy with the final piece, knowing how much further I could take it with Cinema 4D.

ScreenFonts: Bullet In The Head, Side Effects, Beautiful Creatures, Safe Haven

I guess The Rolling Stones were right. For most episodes of ScreenFonts every single request for a micro-interview is honoured. This time however the two studios I contacted for extra information about their posters initially agreed, but eventually never replied. I guess when you're busy creating new artwork you have little time for answering a question or two about previous artwork. But even without information coming straight from the horse's mouth there's still more than enough goodies to be discovered in this instalment.

Preview All Your Fonts At Once With Flipping Typical

Depending on how much design work you've done, and what kind of software you're using, you probably have some idea of which fonts you have installed and what they look like. If you don't, there's a wonderfully simple Web app called Flipping Typical that gives you a WYSIWYG heads up of all of them at once.

Add New Fonts To Use With Office

You're probably already familiar with how to change the font style of the text you're working on in your Office XP documents. But when the fonts you always use start to feel over-used, you may want to add new fonts.

20 Superb Christmas Fonts and Dingbats

Are you looking for funny Christmas fonts and dingbats to decorate a wonderful holiday? We have gathered a wide variety of funny fonts and dingbats to pep up your designs. Make your own matching Christmas cards, invitations, favors bags, place cards, napkin rings, and much more!

Hot Summer Fonts

Take a look at some of the best fonts added this summer at The compilation contains 10 stunning fonts and they can be downloaded for free!

Top 10 Handsome Fonts (April 2007 Issue)

We're pleased to introduce the winners of Top 10 Handsome Fonts (April 2007 Issue). It wasn't going to be easy. How could it be, with a huge amount of typefaces to choose from?

Choosing and using type

Type. In your lifetime you've seen billions of letters and millions of words, yet you might never have consciously noticed the typefaces you read. Type is important because it's an unconscious persuader. It attracts attention, sets the style and tone of a document, colors how readers interpret the words, and defines the feeling of the page - usually without the reader recognizing a particular typeface.